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James E. Neumann

James E. Neumann Mr. Neumann specializes in the economics of climate change and air pollution regulation. He is coeditor, with Robert Mendelsohn, of The Impact of Climate Change on the United States Economy (Cambridge University Press, 1999), an integrated analysis of economic welfare impacts in the agriculture, water resources, forestry, coastal structures, commercial and residential energy use, recreation, and commercial fishing sectors.

Mr. Neumann also specializes in the economics of climate change adaptation and, within that area, analysis of the impacts of sea level rise (SLR); in recognition of this expertise, he was recently named a Lead Author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Working Group II chapter on the Economics of Adaptation. His recent work includes applying risk management approaches to characterizing the drought risk reduction benefits of greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation strategies, and development of new GIS-based approaches to estimate the joint impacts of SLR and storm surge in coastal areas. Mr. Neumann was also the primary extramural coordinator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's recently published analysis, The Benefits and Costs of the Clean Air Act from 1990 to 2020, a comprehensive and exhaustively peer-reviewed economic analysis of all aspects of the Clean Air Act.

Mr. Neumann holds a B.A. in Economics and Environmental Studies from Williams College, and a M.P.A. in Public Affairs and Urban and Regional Planning from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.


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Jim's climate impacts and adaptation has taken him to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Macedonia, and Madagascar among others.