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Career Development
IEc is committed to providing our professional staff with the opportunity to establish and build their own consulting practices. As a measure of our success in this area, all but one fifth of our current Principals began their professional careers as Associates, Research Analysts, or Interns with IEc. We are truly a grow-from-within firm.

We approach this commitment to professional growth in two ways:

  • We strive to assign interesting and challenging assignments to all members of our staff, and we strongly encourage project team members at all levels to make intellectual contributions to our consulting assignments.
  • We take performance reviews seriously. Our comprehensive process consists of two review cycles annually where all staff have the opportunity to conduct a self-assessment, receive written feedback from their supervisors, and meet with Principals to discuss professional development.
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All new hires participate in an orientation series with topics ranging from writing to the economics of consulting.
IEc fosters an entrepreneurial spirit.