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IEc provides consulting services and expert witness support to parties involved in the regulation of public utilities in both the United States and Canada. We provide rigorous analysis that is well grounded in economics and finance theory, and is targeted to the specific needs of our clients.

Rather than relying solely on standard and traditional analyses, IEc applies innovative approaches and analytical techniques to problems faced by industry participants. Our approach incorporates both an understanding of the issues in the broader industry context and an attention to analytical and quantitative details.

IEc has provided services involving a wide variety of issues facing utility industry participants, including:

  • Cost allocation;
  • Rate design;
  • Rate of return;
  • Default service procurement plans;
  • Industry restructuring;
  • Stranded cost determination;
  • Rate unbundling;
  • Rate decoupling;
  • Energy efficiency programs; and
  • Revenue requirement.

IEc’s clients include state and provincial advocacy agencies, business interests, utility competitors, and utilities.

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