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IEc has extensive experience designing and presenting high quality training programs for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other state and federal agencies in the United States and in Europe. These include online and webinar trainings as well as those delivered in person. Topics covered by training programs include those on the principles and application of program evaluation, risk communication, and evaluating an entity's ability to pay for environmental noncompliance.

IEc's approach to developing training programs is characterized by extensive early planning with our clients. We strive to provide training programs that emphasize active participation by the trainees through the use of case studies, interactive exercises, extensive opportunities for discussion, and role plays.

IEc recognizes that governance requires solid communication skills to facilitate dialogue among participants with competing views and also seek solutions to complex, multifaceted issues. IEc has experience facilitating large, public forums, workshops, and related meetings with both in-person and remote participation, and is adept at synthesizing input from diverse groups.

Specialty Areas
> Enforcement Training
> Outreach & Facilitation
> Risk Communication & Program Evaluation Training