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IEc staff have a firm grounding in business practice and management theory, which allows them to assist public- and private-sector clients in understanding the characteristics of high-performing organizations. In collaboration with top-level executives and front-line managers, IEc maps the current organizational structure and assesses corresponding strengths and challenges. On the basis of its findings, IEc develops a framework for moving organizations onto a path of higher performance.

IEc’s work helps organizations maximize efficiency, yet remain customer-oriented. High-performing organizations are collaborative in nature with a clear understanding of how their activities contribute to their overall mission and strategic goals. Executives and managers within these organizations analyze issues of concern, diagnose areas of improvement, and target cost-effective solutions.

Methodologies and applications our staff frequently employ include:

  • Fostering high-performing organizations;
  • Assisting in the exercise of leadership;
  • Facilitating effective communication; and
  • Managing conflict effectively.
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IEc can help clients understand the power of communication. It’s not just what people say, but the tone, speed, volume, and setting in which they say it.
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