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In some circumstances, assessment of environmental impacts to biota are best understood by directly evaluating toxicity. IEc has expertise in the interpretation of toxicological information and has a thorough understanding of the range of environmental factors that can affect toxicity.

We regularly evaluate and interpret toxicological information in the context of assessing both impacts to biological natural resources and human health. Similar to our chemistry-related services, we provide a range of services related to toxicology, including: design of toxicity testing protocols, oversight and subcontracting of laboratories that conduct direct toxicity testing using a range of biological species, and analysis and interpretation of toxicity data. Examples of specific projects in these areas include:

  • Field collection and use of sediment in toxicity tests to assess contaminant-related impacts to bivalves, polychaetes, and other standard test organisms.
  • Assimilation of toxicity testing information into assessments of natural resource injury and service losses on a wide range of natural resource damage assessment projects.
  • Expert elicitation of uncertainty in the dose-response function relating mortality with exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5).