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IEc staff have extensive expertise in natural resource science and ecology, both in terms of their technical knowledge and the application of data and scientific methods to current environmental issues. Staff expertise includes chemistry, sedimentology, toxicology, biology, and ecology. We evaluate, model, and quantify the impacts of physical, chemical, and biological changes on a variety of environmental parameters based on the best available scientific information.

Our Services
  • Objectively assessing changes in natural resource characteristics;
  • Modeling the projected environmental benefits of restoration projects;
  • Designing statistically robust sampling plans for primary data collection;
  • Developing case-specific as well as general-use equivalency models; and
  • Conducting training sessions on model use.

Specialty Areas
> Chemistry
> Ecology/Biology
> Toxicology
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Numerous IEc staff specialize in this area. Please use the links on the left hand navigation to learn more about us and our services.