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IEc believes that policy decisions affecting human health and the environment should be founded on the most up-to-date science. We also recognize that risk assessments and other analyses that support environmental decision-making are always conducted amidst uncertainty as the science that support risk assessments evolves. Placing the findings of analyses within the context of this uncertainty is critical for informed decision-making. IEc staff is highly skilled at achieving this balance and producing high-value products for decision-makers. Drawing on recognized principles of human health and ecological risk assessment as well as uncertainty analysis, IEc develops objective technical risk analyses based on current science that are transparent in their assumptions and methods and provide explicit analysis of uncertainties.

IEc also has established strong capabilities in analytical methods that allow us to characterize uncertainties more broadly to inform regulatory analyses (e.g., elicitation of expert judgments) and to estimate the potential economic value of reducing uncertainties to improve policy decision-making outcomes (e.g, value of information analysis).

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