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Effective training is a key element in building the capabilities of environmental management programs. IEc's combination of expertise in environmental policy analysis and training makes us uniquely qualified to develop and deliver effective training courses. IEc has extensive experience designing and presenting high quality risk communication training programs that can be taught at agencies' headquarters or online for remote learning.

Who We've Trained
  • Environmental Protection Agency: Office of Air and Radiation, Office of Pesticide Programs, and Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery, Office of Policy, Regions 2,3,4,5 and 9
  • U.S. Navy
  • Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH)
Special Features
  • Developed online versions of Navy courses so sailors can take them remotely
  • Massachusetts DPH included three separate one-day courses; a Basic Course, an Advanced Course, and a course that focuses on the risk communication issues associated with special populations.
  • Regularly employ videotaped material to spur discussion and allow participants to review and critique their performance in different situations.
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We often use videotaped material to enable training participants to critique their performance.
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