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IEc is nationally recognized for analyses that address the needs of cost-conscious federal and state waste and materials management programs. As government attention shifts to regulatory refinements that are geared toward greater cost-effectiveness and optimizing materials recovery, IEc provides analyses that more accurately capture market responses, environmental benefits, and analytic uncertainties.

IEc supports the efforts of federal RCRA, CERCLA, and UST programs, as well as similar programs for states and international government agencies. This breadth of experience serves our clients well, as their waste and materials management initiatives increasingly require greater coordination within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and with other agencies and organizations. This coordination addresses the global nature of secondary materials markets and the integration of materials policy with efforts to improve renewable fuel options and climate change mitigation efforts.

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IEc is currently working on five hazardous waste and remediation-related rulemakings for various EPA offices.
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