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IEc staff are expert in designing verification frameworks, conducting verification reviews, and designing rigorous statistical sampling methods. Relying on its extensive expertise in accounting, business analysis, and program evaluation, IEc has assisted numerous government offices in demonstrating how financial policies and programs are measuring performance, achieving results, and accomplishing their stated goals. Clients turn to IEc for assistance in gathering, analyzing, and communicating business information in an environmental context, because it is best able to offer a unique combination of business management (finance and accounting) expertise and programmatic (environmental policy) expertise, delivered together in a highly cost-effective manner.

In recent years, federal and state agencies have become increasingly focused on government-wide accountability and fiscal transparency. Specifically, several Federal laws (e.g., Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act of 1982, Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990), GAO initiatives, and OMB Circulars require agencies to establish decision support structures that foster fiscal integrity by maintaining accountability and control of resources, as well as improving performance by requiring information and decision support services that link financial data and program performance. Policy verification serves as an integral component of an effective internal control process; providing a mechanism (or framework) by which government managers can measure the effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency of any policy, function, or program element.

A core guiding principle of financial integrity and internal controls management is that the every-day stewards of public resources take the steps necessary to ensure consistent, reliable, and timely funds management. Integral to successful internal controls management is ensuring that the agency maintains the institutional capabilities, including an educated staff and decision support tools, to ensure that the uses of public funds are transparent to the public, and the public benefits of these funds are reported clearly, accurately, and in a timely manner. Towards that end, IEc assists organizations to design tools that build institutional capacity and support succession planning with respect to policy verification and internal controls management, and providing training on the importance of internal controls and how to integrate effective internal control reviews as standard business practices.

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