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The transition from a fossil fuel-based economy to one that is more reliant on cleaner, renewable forms of energy is one of the greatest technical and public policy challenges of our time. With increasing frequency, IEc is being called upon to apply its expertise in policy and benefit-cost analysis to assist state and federal agencies responsible for creating alternative energy and energy efficiency regulatory programs that balance economic development and environmental protection.

An area of particular focus is the environmental and social implications of developing offshore renewable energy resources (see also Marine Policy). Alternative energy and energy efficiency are also prominent in our work supporting government efforts to promote the design and construction of "greener" buildings (see also Green Development).

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IEc’s study of the Oregon Business Energy Tax Credit was recently cited by the Pew Center on the States as the highest quality evaluation of tax incentive programs conducted by or for Oregon over the past four years. Contributing IEc staff include Cynthia Manson, Mark Ewen, and Leslie Genova.
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