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Over the past ten years, IEc has conducted more than 50 evaluations of environmental initiatives and programs at the international, national, and regional levels. IEc has worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since the mid-1990s on evaluation issues, and is the prime contractor for EPA's Evaluation Support Division, which provides evaluation services to the entire Agency.

IEc also has extensive experience providing evaluation services to non-governmental organizations with portfolios of environmental and energy programs. Our expertise includes:

  • Logic modeling;
  • Formative, process, and summative evaluations (including outcome and impact evaluations);
  • Quasi-experimental and experimental designs;
  • Mixed-methods evaluations;
  • Participatory evaluation;
  • Managing evaluation peer-review processes;
  • Cost-effective data collection plans, which can combine using existing performance measurement or secondary data with the collection of new data through surveys, focus or discussion groups, and/or interviews;
  • Evaluation data information management;
  • Evaluation report development;
  • Communication of evaluation results to diverse stakeholders (e.g., decision-makers, partners, and the public);
  • Evaluation guidelines development; and
  • Trainings on evaluation-related topics, including planning for and managing the evaluation process, logic modeling, and using statistics for evaluation.
Project Examples
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For the U.S. DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, IEc is conducting an impact evaluation of the Building America program’s investments in residential energy efficiency technologies and practices, including an evaluation of energy savings, health and energy security impacts, market transformation, and cost-effectiveness.