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Performance measurement is the ongoing monitoring and reporting of program progress using pre-selected indicators. Performance measurement is critical for understanding how well a program is operating and what results are occurring. In the context of environmental programs, performance measurement may involve tracking compliance rates or use of best practices that lead to improved environmental conditions and protected human health.

IEc holds the mission support contract for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Office of Planning, Analysis, and Accountability, which oversees the implementation of several measurement and accountability mandates at EPA. IEc has experience in all facets of environmental performance measurement and has helped clients:

  • Develop a measurement approach to facilitate program learning, as well as to be responsive to specific accountability mandates (e.g., for federal clients, GPRA, OMB mandates, Executive Orders);
  • Develop environmental performance measures appropriate to environmental programs of different types, scopes, and maturity;
  • Develop instruction and training to orient program staff and stakeholders to a measurement strategy;
  • Develop forms and instructions to collect consistent and accurate measurement data;
  • Identify and meet information management needs associated with performance measurement, often through database development;
  • Assess and analyze performance measurement data; and
  • Communicate performance measurement findings and trends.
Project Examples
  • Developing a guidebook for measuring outcomes from EPA's community-based programs
  • Developing standard performance measurement indicators, forms, procedures, and information management approaches for the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program and the Partnership for a Sustainable Georgia
  • Developing a training course for the Office of the Chief Financial Officer on performance measurement and data analysis
  • Developing performance measures for EPA Administrator's priority areas (e.g., urban waters)