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A number of IEc consultants are qualified to testify in state, federal, and administrative court in their areas of expertise. In addition to testifying in court, IEc consultants provide expert opinion through depositions or declarations, testimony before Congress, and also support settlement negotiations. We provide expert testimony on a diverse set of topics including:

  • Natural resource valuation and damages;
  • The economic benefit an entity may have gained through environmental noncompliance;
  • The financial capability of a defendant or respondent to pay for clean up or compliance costs, or a penalty; and
  • The design of financial mechanisms to assure that future environmental liabilities are adequately funded.

IEc witnesses are noted for their ability to present clear and concise testimony based on sound and reliable research and analysis. We work closely with counsel to understand the issues at stake in the litigation to assure that our expert opinion is pertinent. Our experts also evaluate opposing expert opinions and advise counsel regarding approaches to deposition and courtroom examination.