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Complex litigation often requires analysis of large volumes of documents produced in the discovery process. Organizing and categorizing the documents is important to identifying key documents for both the litigation team and for experts, preparing timelines, and developing an understanding of key events and interactions. IEc is experienced in developing and managing document databases in the litigation context, often in coordination with technical and consulting expert support. We are familiar with working with documents in electronic databases such as Concordance and the web- based interface, Relativity, as well as in developing case-specific databases.

In a case involving a lengthy historic financial history, for example, IEc reviewed large volumes of historic corporate documents and conducted research to establish the corporate history to current time for each of the business partners in the context of veil piercing criteria. We also conducted financial analysis to determine the capability of those entities to pay for environmental clean-up costs. In another matter involving complicated engineering, industry, and financial issues, we efficiently culled the key documents needed by the experts and litigation team. Using sophisticated screening metrics, our team quickly identified the set of documents that deserved the litigation team’s careful review.