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IEc assists litigation teams by helping to manage large, technically complex litigation, particularly in the areas of natural resource damages and contract damages. In this context, we assist with requests for documents and interrogatories, the review and organization of discovery documents, develop timelines of key events, prepare document notebooks, and draft outlines for deposition of fact and expert witnesses, conduct research in publicly available materials, and assist in trial preparation. Our flexible management style and technically skilled staff allows us to meet a wide range of litigation deadlines and requirements.

For example, in a major contract claim case against the government, IEc assisted U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) in building an understanding of the defendant’s 40-year corporate history, relationships with a foreign parent and bank, and its financial history over time. Through research, we developed an understanding of the markets the company operated in, necessary to the defense of the claim. In addition to our analytical effort, we provided a variety of services, from managing the translation of Japanese documents to supporting deposition preparation (which included depositions conducted in Japan), recovery of electronic documents stored on media from aged computing equipment, and trial support.