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IEc has the expertise, experience, and tools necessary to conduct statistical analyses to support a multitude of quantitative analyses, ranging from simple parametric and nonparametric tests to complex multivariable regression analyses.

We have extensive experience applying SAS, STATA, and R statistical analysis packages, as well as supplementary graphics programs like Graphpad Prism and GIS-based spatial statistics programs to conduct rigorous quantitative analyses and present results in clear and professional visual formats. Further, we possess the rigorous training necessary to appropriately apply statistical approaches and accurately interpret results.

Examples of projects where we have applied complex statistical analyses include:

  • Multivariable regression analyses to support quantitative analyses of results from a large-scale recreational impacts survey for a large lake in New York;
  • Temporal contaminant trends analyses for numerous natural resource damage assessment cases; and
  • Identify the consequences of applying area-averaged versus not-to-exceed cleanup standards for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
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Many of the photographs on this website were taken by IEc staff.