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IEc provides rigorous analytic support to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as it develops regulations and programs aimed at reducing safety and security risks. We analyze the economic impacts of proposed regulations, estimating the costs they likely impose on industry, public agencies, and consumers.

We also collaborate with agency and academic experts to evaluate the potential benefits of regulatory alternatives in terms of the value of avoided consequences. Federal decision makers use this information to formulate efficient, fair regulations and programs.

The development of sound, defensible analyses requires reliable data and proven analytic methods. We draw on our broad expertise in survey design and implementation and econometric analysis to collect data characterizing potentially affected populations. As recognized experts in the valuation of nonmarket goods, we also assess and recommend best practices for placing monetary values on key variables affecting the decision-making process.

Specialty Areas
> Guidance Document Development
> Industry Characterization
> Regulatory Analysis & Support
> Survey Design & Implementation

Related Areas
> Econometric Analysis
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