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Ensuring the safety and security of our borders and transportation systems requires in-depth understanding of the critical industries supporting and relying on these networks. IEc characterizes the various processes and entities involved, and how they might be affected by new regulations or programs.

Using data and information obtained from trade organizations and literature, government agencies, and industry reports, IEc provides statistics and information describing the number and size distribution of key types of entities, their financial performance, typical supply chain processes, and the affordability of compliance requirements. To enhance our understanding of these processes and entities, IEc regularly conducts interviews with representatives of industry, trade groups, U.S. and foreign governments, and academic experts.

We are adept at handling large quantities of industry data, which we organize into Access or SQL server databases and analyze using statistical methods and software. Each analysis is carefully framed to ensure that the resulting summary data are useful for policy analysis. We take care to work with our clients to ensure that the level of detail and descriptive characteristics provided are appropriate to support the broader research effort.

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