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IEc has broad experience supporting remediation and redevelopment programs. Our project work at federal, state, local, and site levels helps us understand the diverse interests of various stakeholders and effectively bridge gaps between them to ensure that all interests are adequately represented.

Our multidisciplinary staff provides a range of support to facilitate remediation and redevelopment programs and activities, including:

  • Development and evaluation of national policies and programs for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA);
  • Analysis of redevelopment impacts at the program and site levels; and
  • Development of guidance documents and outreach materials designed to stimulate remediation and redevelopment.

This area is growing as environmental agencies, economic and community development agencies, developers, financial institutions, and citizen groups are increasingly realizing the synergistic benefits of remediation and redevelopment of contaminated properties. IEc helps bring these groups with diverse interests together in order to return contaminated properties to productive reuse and realize environmental, economic, and social benefits.

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