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IEc has extensive experience providing technical services to federal, state, and local governments in the areas of green building and land development policy. We are well-versed in regulations, codes, and standards that govern this arena at the state and local levels, including building codes, zoning codes, stormwater regulations, smart growth policies, and green building policies and standards.

Our Services
  • Policy analysis and program development;
  • Economic and financial analysis;
  • Environmental benefits analysis;
  • Development of websites, guidebooks, and communication materials;
  • Indicator development, performance measurement, and program evaluation;
  • Development of user-friendly tools to assist in calculating cost savings and environmental benefits from greener choices, such as web-based and Excel-based calculators;
  • Identification and coordination of experts in green design including policy-makers, code officials, planners, architects, engineers, and transportation specialists;
  • Coordination of task forces, working groups, and other consensus-based processes;
  • Information management and analysis; and
  • Meeting planning, facilitation, and logistics.

Example clients include:

  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • GSA Office of Federal High Performance Green Buildings
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources
  • Oregon Department of Energy
  • Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership
  • City of Burlington, VT

Specialty Areas
> Green Building
> Site Remediation & Redevelopment
> Sustainable Communities
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IEc worked with the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership to develop a Zero Net Energy Roadmap for public buildings in the Northeast.
IEc's work on smart growth, green building, and sustainable sites.