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IEc helped develop and maintains for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the full suite of models it uses to evaluate the financial aspects of enforcement actions. The BEN, ABEL, PROJECT, INDIPAY, and MUNIPAY models are an integral part of EPA’s enforcement activities as they provide analytically sound methods for EPA enforcement staff to perform quickly the initial evaluations needed for the penalty determination and collection processes. Overall, the models provide a protocol for the analyses needed to develop a penalty position, engage in settlement negotiation, or prepare for hearing or trial on the penalty.

All five models are currently well-developed and operating in user-friendly formats. Each makes adjustments for discounting, taxation, and inflation based on default values and internal databases, which IEc updates annually to ensure that the models include the most up-to-date financial and economic data. In addition to providing Enforcement Training courses covering the use of the models, IEc continually ensures that the models’ on-line help systems and Helpline support functions are up-to-date and available to authorized users.

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