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IEc offers outstanding expertise in the environmental policy arena. Our focus is on the interface between policy, economics, and the environment. We analyze the economic impacts of environmental regulations, estimating the costs they are likely to impose on industry, public agencies, and consumers.

We also draw on our expertise in resource economics, human health risk assessment, and ecological impact analysis to evaluate the benefits of such regulations, characterizing their potential effect on environmental quality, human health, and social welfare.

Our Services
  • Identification of strategic priorities for environmental managers;
  • Specification and analysis of environmental policy options;
  • Development of outreach materials, training courses, and information management systems to assist with the implementation of environmental initiatives; and
  • Evaluation of environmental programs to assess their performance and improve their effectiveness.

Specialty Areas
> Air Pollution
> Alternative Energy
> Endangered Species
> Marine Policy
> Waste & Materials Management
> Water

Related Area
> Green Development
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Numerous IEc staff specialize in this area. Please use the links on the left hand navigation to learn more about us and our services.