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IEc has successfully completed National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analyses for several complex, high-profile projects and policies for agencies across the federal government. Through these efforts, we have helped our clients navigate the myriad analytic and procedural requirements of NEPA as they apply to multifaceted projects, land management policies, and economically significant rulemakings. This includes working closely with clients to develop feasible alternatives to the proposed action and to ensure adequate coordination across agencies involved with the project.

In preparing NEPA-mandated analyses, IEc draws from the multi-disciplinary expertise of its staff to ensure that the assessment of impacts is conducted in a rigorous and comprehensive manner in accordance with directions set forth in NEPA. These analyses are communicated in a clear, concise, and focused fashion.

IEc has also assisted clients with the preparation and review of NEPA documents for completeness, technical accuracy, and legal sufficiency.