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Ecosystem services contribute to human well-being by regulating air and water quality, reducing storm damage, and providing food, drinking water, and recreational opportunities. IEc consultants are at the forefront of developing and applying ecosystem service valuation methods. We have collaborated with academic experts in the development of methods to value ecosystem services, and have contributed to the development of ecosystem service valuation models. We have applied this expertise in the context of national-level rulemakings, as well as to demonstrate benefits of site-specific land and resource management projects.

logo IEc maintains a collaborative working relationship with the Natural Capital Project The focus of the Natural Capital Project is to develop and apply science-based methods and software tools to map and value nature’s services and to integrate these values into major decisions that affect our environment and well-being. A partnership between two universities and two conservation organizations, the Natural Capital Project combines leading environmental science research at Stanford University and the University of Minnesota, with the global reach of science and conservation projects at The Nature Conservancy and the World Wildlife Fund. IEc analysts have been trained in the application of the Natural Capital Project’s Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Tradeoffs (InVEST) models. We have worked with InVEST developers to tailor the models to better evaluate the economic implications of our client’s land and resource management and policy decisions.
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As part of NOAA's science seminar series, IEc consultants also presented the methods and findings of a recent application of this model to evaluate effects of wetland loss on multiple categories of ecosystem services.