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IEc provides specialized services to clients using life cycle assessment (LCA) to support policy decisions. As corporate and public policy focuses on climate change and other complex environmental challenges, life cycle assessment (including life cycle inventory analysis, modeling and impact assessment, and application of general "life cycle approaches") represents a powerful framework for identifying comprehensive environmental impacts.

Strategic use of LCA can enable decision-makers to identify the most effective opportunities for improving environmental performance. However, it is also critical to address the key uncertainties and limitations related to available LCA data, to ensure that decisions are truly well-informed.

IEc consultants are uniquely positioned to help clients judiciously employ LCA, to identify policy options that consider the rapidly changing life cycle science, and to consider the economic and policy context of key decisions.

For a range of federal and private clients, IEc has developed analyses that focus on:

  • Application of life cycle modeling tools (e.g., SimaPro 7 and EcoInvent data) to evaluate policy options;
  • Economic interpretation of LCA results; and
  • Critical review and evaluation of existing tools and analyses.
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IEc recently completed a comparative benefits analysis incorporating LCA methods to evaluate options for sediment remediation in the Great Lakes.
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