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IEc is expert in assessing various regulatory, corporate, and financial structures that may be used to facilitate the development of carbon dioxide capture and sequestration (CCS) with clean coal technologies, and while minimizing attendant financial exposure and legal liability. In addition, IEc has consulted to private and public stakeholders by providing analyses of the financial health of candidate companies, and their ability to demonstrate financial responsibility for potential environmental obligations.

IEc consultants have served on multi-stakeholder panels and authored numerous technical documents regarding strategies and potential tools for allocating risk and liability. Aspects of these studies have focused on potential model insurance, as well as on tiered risk management structures that include insurance coverage as an option.

Recent Report
>  Valuation of Potential Risks Arising from a Model, Commercial-Scale CCS Project Site

With support from industry, government, and the environmental community, IEc developed and tested a model approach for estimating and valuing the risks arising from a well-sited and well-managed CCS project. See Carbon Capture and Sequestration for more information.
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