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IEc serves public- and private-sector clients by interpreting financial statements, evaluating financial performance, and establishing values for businesses.

Methodologies and applications include:

  • Anticipating future financial performance.
    Using information from the recent past as a basis, IEc conducts pro forma financial analysis to project the future financial health of businesses, not-for-profits, and municipalities. We focus on both profits and cash flow in our assessments. After replicating and analyzing an organization's recent performance, we construct alternative scenarios to evaluate the impact of internal management decisions and external economic factors on its near- and long-term prospects.
  • Measuring earnings and cost accounting.
    IEc employs fundamental accounting principles to translate an organization's operations into an objective set of values that can be reviewed and analyzed to determine current performance and future prospects.
  • Development of financial computer models.
    IEc staff can design computer models for financial analysis that serve a broad audience and can be used by non-specialist staff as well as financial professionals. For each model we develop, we also write the user's manual and regularly update internal databases, provide analytical support, and design training materials.
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  • • Wood Products
  • • Mining
  • • Oil and Gas
  • • Pulp and Paper
  • • Metals
  • • Chemical Manufacturing