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IEc founder Mike Huguenin      

Our Name
On October 1, 1981, Mike Huguenin and Sharon Chown announced the formation of Industrial Economics, Incorporated (IEc). The name was selected because of the company's expertise in industry economics, regulatory economics, and applied mathematics. Over the years we've increasingly become known as IEc.

Founding Truths
The firm's three founding truths are:
  • Do superior quality work.
  • Manage ourselves simply and efficiently.
  • The "culture" of the firm matters.
Thirty years later, the same key management principles and values that guided the founders remain an important focus of the firm.

Our Development
To this day, we continue to hire, train, retain, and promote superior consultants. The fact that 18 of our 25 Principals began their professional careers as Interns, Research Analysts, and Associates at IEc speaks to how seriously we take the development of both our firm and employees. IEc has grown from a staff of nine consultants in 1981 to a firm of over 100 employees to date.
Arrow Graphic

The United Nations asked IEc to manage a team of international experts charged with assessing natural resource damages resulting from the 1991 Gulf War.
Photographer Jonathan Beller took the image on this page as well as headshots of many of our staff.